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The Past .....

The Past .....
Where do I begin? Where did it begin? I would say that my past has always been filled with pain. Pain of one sort or another. First emotional pain followed by physical pain. In fact pain has been my fellow companion for so long, I can't recall ever being without it.

Since the age of 23 years I had been ill. Sometimes quite severely. I have been treated for depression, migraine, liver problems, viral and bacterial illness, I have had counselling, I have taken anxiety management courses, I have had systematic desensitization treatment, I have had ultra sound treatment, I have had so many x~rays I almost glow, I have had more blood tests than I have blood, I am a professional patient!

Then, at the age of 28 years, I began to have very severe headaches, and pain in my eyes and face, after having a period of ill health, stress, anxiety and depression. The pain was so intense, so much, so that on one occasion I visited the doctors twice in one day. I was told it was just a different kind of migraine, and so my pain began. It has been a daily occurance since that day on!

I have been told I have many illnesses, treated

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The Beginning Of The End!

The Past .....

Good Days!




Bad Days!

The Future .....

The End Of The Beginning!

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